Full Solar Eclipse and the Spring Equinox

On March 20th 2015 the moon will completely cover the disk of the sun, creating a solar eclipse that will signify a re-set of the planetary etheric matrix. In just a few hours after that, day and night on Earth will be equal, “rebooting” the planetary energy into the next phase of human evolution (this time with more Light available).

What is this Solar Eclipse about?
We have always “grounded” by aligning our energy with the density of the Earth. Have you noticed lately that it is much harder to ground? This is because the planetary matrix has been receiving Light – more and more of this high frequency energy has been poured into the planetary body – into the 1-D, 2-D, and the 3-D of Earth.

This has been done over the course of many years, but really accelerated with the 2013 arrival of Pi – the new planetary host – who replaced Gaia (click on “Pi as an Enlightened Gaia” to read more). Pi brought with her a tranformatory program for the lower three dimensions, modifying their density in preparation for the Light activation on Earth.

We used to deepen into the 3-D energies, then further into the Elementals of the 2-D, then down into the 1-D core of the Earth. If you are in the Lower 3-D Earth, that still works. But if you are attempting to remain in the Higher 3-D Earth, you now need to add the heart into it. The vertical alignment of the root chakra down into the core of the Earth now needs to be complemented by the flow from the heart chakra down through the 3rd, 2nd and into the 1st chakra, then down into the Earth.

The alignment of the lower four chakras with each other is a prerequisite for being in the Higher 3-D Earth. What does this mean? The root chakra is the anchor for our entire being, the 2nd chakra is the balanced self-worth and sexuality of the feminine and masculine inside of us, the 3rd chakra is about individuality and identity, and the heart is about compassion and connectedness. You can see why the add-on of the heart chakra to this alignment is necessary for being in the Higher 3-D Earth? – all of the current Lower Earth issues exist right now because people are NOT in connectedness, not in compassion to one another (instead, most are in righteous separation). Even though separation is required for the building of an individual Self, it is time for Oneness to also be accessed – on the planetary scale.

This is what this Solar Eclipse is about – it is to “reboot” the planetary matrix in order to integrate all the new downloads we’ve been receiving since 2013. On the personal level, it is an opportunity for each of us to re-set our own systems to integrate everything we have been receiving in the past few months (the last major download was from November 2014 to the end of February 2015: click on “The PortalTime on Earth” to read more).

Times for the Solar Eclipse: from 3:45am – 7:45am eastern USA time / 12:45am – 4:45am pacific USA time. It will pass over the North Atlantic and North Arctic oceans, and the North Pole. It will be seen from northern Europe mostly, but not from the US or Asia.
Times for the Equinox: at 6:45pm eastern USA time / 3:45pm pacific USA time.
This is a schematic of the Equinox
To support the alignment, to stabilize and focus the energy during this major re-set on the planetary scale, I am doing two Night Quads: on the nights of the 19th (for the Full Solar Eclipse) and the 20th of March (for the Spring Equinox integration). To help yourself stay in the most positive state during these planetary transformations, sign up for the Night Quad on these days/nights on my site www.EugeniaOganova.com in the #SoulWorkToolsor just email me and I will write you in (it's $25 per night).

Galactic Starbeings - Kadishtu

We are not alone in the Universe. And we are definitely not alone inside this planetary Simulation (a “classroom” for learning) that we call planet Earth. Many beings from other dimensions are watching what we do, how we figure out solutions to the challenges, what experiences we have. Some of these beings were instrumental in creation of this planetary Simulation, others are visitors – some are advisers, some are scientists, others are simply travelers. But all are very much interested in what we, humans, come up with here on Earth. This is an incredible planet to be incarnated on, especially at this time. The rules of the Simulation are based on the basic 3-D rules for this Universe, with some extra additions particular to this solar system.

There are beings beyond this Simulation of Earth who are benevolent and interested only in gentle support and witnessing – they are multi-dimensional and of a very high frequency consciousness. There are also beings who are manipulative and interested in the selfish personal gain and power – these are of much lower consciousness than the first group, and these do interfere with our development. But no one can take away our free will – they can only try to "trick" us into us giving away our free will. This is important – we humans are capable of being extraordinary, amazing conscious beings, and we have the right to free will; we only become victims, lost and manipulated, when we give away our inner authority to someone else. High frequency beings will never ask you to give your authority to them (and if you try, they will refuse to take it).

The benevolent beings I communicate with, many of whom sit on the Solar Council of Earth, and many who are “ambassadors” to this planet, and many who do not have much to do with Earth at all and exist outside of our planetary simulation – they call themselves Kadishtu. There are many other terms for them… In ancient Sumerian they were called the Nugig and Nindighir (the "star-priestesses" and the “un-sick”, associated with the sacred priestesses, emissaries of the Original Source), in Akkadian - the Qadistu (associate with the sexual priestesses), in Hebrew – the Kadeshah (associate with the sacred prostitutes). The Latin word caduceus, denoting a symbol for healing, comes from the word Kadishtu.

The Solar Council is the extension of these Kadishtu on Earth – they oversee the Earth Simulation (the environment created for learning purposes that the Souls of many beings can incarnate into to become more spiritually conscious). The main purpose of the Earth Simulation is to facilitate the construction of individualized Selves in Soul, who choose to incarnate here, in this place of intense duality and, thus, extreme learning. The original “Earth experiment” was different than what it is now – it was modified midway by the non-Kadishtu beings. But, since everything is a part of creation, it was allowed, and it just made this place more intense (thus more interesting!)  

Kadishtu are multidimensional. Kadishtu are not one type or race of beings, rather they are a union of many allied worlds and species. What unites them is not some military objective or religion, but a particular level of consciousness. The lowest level of beings fully belonging to Kadishtu are in 5-D, although there are a few from 4-D. Most of the Kadishtu exist on the upper dimensions of this Universe. Most of the Kadishtu cannot enter into our 3-D anymore – the vibration is too slow for them here; same with the 4-D. Many Kadishtu that I know are from 5-D, 6-D, even 8-D and 10-D (remember that we are here in the 3rd dimension, in the linear-time-mental-perception, where the 2-D comprises our material structures (the Elementals who make up the atomic bonds), and the 1-D anchors the whole thing for this Simulation).

I know Kadishtu from before this incarnation as the Code Architects (I heard people also calling them “Planners” and “Life Designers”). Kadishtu means “an ancient assembler of life”, and they see all life as precious. Kadishtu are the creators of life in a way, because many of them know how to design forms. They are the Code Architects of forms (from genetics, to whole species, to whole planets, to whole solar systems and galaxies). We think of form as a material body – this is because we live in 3-D and our perception is materially oriented (which is an illusion, actually – in a way, 2-D is more “matter” that our 3-D!) To be clear here, Kadishtu do not “create souls” – all Souls originate at the Source, including the Souls of the Kadishtu beings. But all of us, Souls, enter into different forms – these forms have a different level of complexity and solidity depending on the dimension one “incarnates” into. And the dimensional simulations, environments for learning, and the forms/bodies to learn through/in are designed by the Code Architects, the “Assemblers of Life” – the Kadishtu.

Kadishtu do not interfere in the affairs of the lower-dimensional worlds – sort of a “prime directive” of non-interference. They allow species to resolve their own conflicts and only when these species are at certain level of consciousness do they make contact with them and offer further education/enlightenment.

Kadishtu entities honor and respect the feminine, the Goddess (Cosmic Root Substance, the unrealized potential matrix of the Universe) and because of this have a high level of responsibility with their creations (the masculine, the Creator-God aspect). They are electro-magnetic beings, some more feminine, others more masculine, but either way, balanced. (There is a misconception that all Kadishtu are female, sort of “holy priestesses” – this is not true. Kadishtu consist of different species, some female, some male, some androgynous, some of the gender we do not comprehend – and they all respect the magnetic/fluid energy (the feminine) and because of it are responsible with the electric/structural (the masculine) energy). They create with Life, adding to the Universal Creation. All the solar and planetary simulations are created by the Kadishtu, many planets are terraformed by them, and many species are created by them.

Feeling Alive or Dead? Or perhaps Both?!

A lot of you might notice that we are “in between” worlds now on Earth. You might feel like you are not quite dead and not really completely alive either. Some of you might feel “not fully alive” because you are struggling with patience when it comes to the outside world, or the open heart pulls you into the suffering, thus pulling you out of the highest frequencies that you can be in. This also might be because many of you are within the “energy gap” between the Lower 3-D Earth and the Higher 3-D Earth. Those of you “in between” are the “undecided”, the ones, inside whom the battle between the Lower Self and Higher Self is not completed.

To recap, the Lower Self is comprised of your defenses to life, fears and negative desires, it is an immature reaction to life in attempt to avoid experiencing pain. The Higher Self is the wholistic view of life, the Soul’s view through the eyes of wisdom and mature advanced comprehension of life. In between these lives the Ego – the social personality of who we are, which can be aligned with the Lower Self (then we become fearful, competitive, selfish), or with the Higher Self (then we become peaceful, centered and compassionate).

When the Higher Self wins inside us, we begin to see all life through the eyes of the Soul – this does not mean that everything suddenly becomes happy and pleasant! Simply that we are able to have a much larger perspective on life, on people’s behaviors, on our own reactions.

The “alive” or “dead” perception will eventually become the “I am” view – this is the mode of the Higher Self that will take us beyond the Higher 3-D Earth... This is because the duality will eventually have to reconcile into Unity. To facilitate the experience of Unity (non-duality, the Individualized Oneness) we must endeavor to experience everything that is occurring inside and outside of us consciously – we must become scientific researchers of ourselves, studying our perceptions and responses. The more we comprehend ourselves, the wider our consciousness range. Application of these #SoulWorkTools will bring us into the “I am” view of the Higher 3-D Earth and beyond.

The dimensions do not “go away” as the consciousness progresses – it is the consciousness that moves on, leaving the lower ranges of itself behind, expanding to incorporate faster frequencies. So the lower energies will still exist, but humanity will not choose to play with them anymore at some point – which is very far away from now. But you, personally, can choose to do it now – to leave the negative perceptions behind and move on into the faster range of vibration.

Lower 3-D Earth vs. Higher 3-D Earth

Since 2012, when the being inside Earth called Gaia went into the next phase of her awakening, and the being called Pi took over the main position of the planetary host, the planetary energy range has been going through a massive transformation.

There was always a great deal of muddy messy energy on the bottom of our planetary range (and I do not mean Nature, that energy might be “low” but it is harmonious – I am talking about the “slow” messy human control patterns and collective unconscious victimhood mostly). That lower unconscious energy had many human beings playing in it… The faster frequencies of this dimension were much less occupied by people. All of this comprised a singular system of 3-D Earth.

Since Pi arrived into the planet, the faster energies of 3-D are becoming even faster, while the slower energies are becoming slower. This has generated a very unusual situation – sort of “two earths”: one of the lower 3-D range, one of the higher 3-D range. The Higher 3-D Earth is the new state of being that we all have been waiting for – it is in alignment with the universal energies of harmony and it is synchronized with the 4-D and 5-D consciousness states. The Lower 3-D Earth is in density, duality and separation. Most people who have unfinished karma with Gaia, or who have not attempted yet to become an individual Self (and thus do not possess a conscious Soul), could not enter into the Higher 3-D Earth.

These “two earths” of course co-exist in the same material space, both anchored in the atomic structure of our planet. They differ by the range of consciousness, not the location.

The separation of these “two earths” has been gradual but intensely felt over the course of the past 2 years. It began on March 21st 2013, then the next large shift was on April 13th 2014, then July 16th 2014, and the last one to date was on November 24th 2014. This means that now one can experience essentially two separate realities here on Earth in the 3rd dimension – in one there is violence, fear, control, confusion, desire for satisfaction, sexual hunger, competition and right/wrong way of thinking, while in the other one there is peace, stillness and connectedness, cooperation and desires are harmoniously attuned to the Universe and are of the Soul nature. It is your choice which plane you tune into and vibrate with.

Many people on the planet right now do not have an option of vibrating with the Higher 3-D Earth because their consciousness cannot match that frequency yet. It will in time. Meanwhile all of us who can, must vibrate at peaceful inner stillness in order to remain in the Higher 3-D Earth. It is very easy to slide down into the Lower 3-D Earth simply through joining in that level of perception – based on fears, separation, and right/wrong thinking, so remain vigilant about your thoughts, feelings and actions.

When I speak of dimensions, I do not mean spatial dimensional axis, but the different planes of existence, numbered 1 through 12 (or 1 through 7 in the case of Earth’s simulation), counting from the bottom up.

For the ones of you who might have forgotten, this planetary simulation is seven-dimensional – i.e. our Earth has 1-D, 2-D, 3-D, 4-D, 5-D, 6-D and 7-D.
  • We, the human beings, are in 3-D.
  • Most of the manipulative (“lower astral”, as they are mistakenly called) entities are in 1-D, 2-D and 3-D, and some are in 4-D also.
  • Most of the ascended masters (“ascended” as in “used to be human but were able to move to a higher plane of existence”) are in the upper range of 3-D, some in 4-D and few are in the 5-D.
  • The Solar Council, who oversees the planetary situation, is in 4-D Agartha (located inside the Earth) and some of its members are in 5-D, although there are “ambassadors” who are of even higher dimensions.
  • The Kadishtu beings (often called the Galactic Federation) who are related to Earth, are in 5-D, 6-D and 7-D of Earth and of this galaxy in general. But Kadishtu are not limited to our planet (as the ascended masters often are). The main body of Kadishtu entities of this galaxy is actually in 8-D, beyond our planetary simulation (this is what usually is referred to as the Galactic Federation – a union of many conscious species, working for the benefit of all Life).
The “lower 3-D” is only going to become more dense. This is because the majority of human beings require this step of densification in order to build their Souls. It might sound strange to you – “to build their Souls”… Souls are not “there” consciously for each human being to begin with – the “spark of God” we call Soul is there in each of us, but it is unconscious – it is in awareness but not in consciousness (I will write “Awareness vs. Consciousness” blog on this subject). This is why it looks like our planet is “going to hell”, so to speak – the violence, the manipulation, the greed… These are simply the components of separation, through which humans are choosing to grow up. That might take a very long time… 

But using all the #SoulWorkTools, each one of us can facilitate this process and to some extent speed it up, through our personal vibratory note – the higher you are vibrating on a regular basis, the more charge you are adding into the Higher 3-D Earth – this provides Light and clarity for the people still experiencing the Lower 3-D Earth, giving them support in their awakening process. 

The “Portal Time” on Earth – the Galactic Downloads to Activate the Light Codes

This current “portal time” in a bigger sense began in 1998 and is going to complete in 2016. There are going to be many more “portal times” I am sure, but this particular one we have been living in for a while and this is the one that the Solar Council speaks of as divided into three portions:
  • 1st portion (1998-2007) was about the psychological clean up and mental/ emotional issues (this is where most starseeds remembered who they are and many people throughout the world became interested in spiritual self-help);
  • 2nd portion (2008-2012) was about the etheric and physical clean up and an intense pressure-cooker of transformation (this is when the Solar Council activated many sacred sites on earth and there were many spiritual leaders bringing people en mass to these sacred planetary locations, culminating with the arrival of Pi);
  • 3rd portion (2013-2016) is about the integration of the changes and activation of the codes (it began with a very difficult time right after Gaia and Pi switched places, an integration of Pi’s new energies and the time of choice – to go into the further processing, into social and tribal energies, or to go into internal awareness and conscious awakening, which brought with it a good amount of solitude).
A smaller download is from November 2014 through February 2015 (within the 3rd portion of the 1998-2016 “portal time”) – an opening in time-space, facilitating the activation of consciousness among the people ready for it. Yes, mostly the ones already prepared to enter that range – not everyone, unfortunately. The pressure we had all been feeling about the planetary expansion of consciousness range, the push into more self-responsible behavior and self-loving way of being – that does affect everyone. It triggers human beings into awakening – for some that means “working with the issues they know about already due to the past spiritual self-work”, for others “facing the issues they did not know they had”, and for the rest “feeling under attack from some perceived external enemy and defending their survival”.

For the starseed and earthling “forerunners of ascension” this means a multitude of extreme internal changes (psychological, energetic, and physical). For the regular human beings who are either just beginning the process of awakening or are still on the descent into density involution path this means – fear responses, power struggles, confusion and painful lessons.

Portal means an opening – so the opening to what? Well, the 1998-2016 is the opening to the speeding up energy of our own galaxy, the dispersion of the accumulated patterns of spiritual pathways awakening (in different species these look different). The smaller intense “portals” during this period are about a particular download related to our species – humans – and these directly affect the starseed and earthling “forerunners of ascension” the most, since they are the ones able to receive the majority of these patterns.

To receive a pattern there must be an energy circuitry built through the spiritual awakening work. If you have been using your #SoulWorkTools, working with your issues of fears, projections, “separation from Source anxiety” (my guides call it that – love that term!), accumulated pain and distortions of illusion – then you have been preparing yourself for these downloads.

The Codes of Light – the DNA codes of our original template prior to manipulation – are pre-installed, but we must be in a higher vibratory state in order to activate them. This is exactly what these galactic downloads are all about – they activate the dormant Light Codes in the ones who have done the work to build the circuitry of consciousness in their physical bodies and energy systems.

Obviously, we are all at different places within this process – some are being actively triggered into their issues in order to face them, others are clearing habitual already-known patterns, others are actively building new spiritual circuitry by allowing their body and energy system go through intense transformatory metamorphosis, and so on. This metaphysical spiritual process leads to proper reception of the downloads, which then activate the Light Codes.

Being in full presence in the 3rd portion of the “portal time” (2013-2016) is the proper state for receiving these galactic downloads and means this: we have no one else but ourselves as creators of everything we perceive – the responsibility for the Self must be absolute. This is based on our connectedness with the Oneness and a strong confident presence of our unique personal Self (now that we are disconnected from the social consciousness!) – in other words, the Individualized Oneness, or the Unity Consciousness. The closer we are to that state, the more we are able to receive these downloads and further activate the Light Codes. These Light Codes are meant to eventually move us out of the material density into a more expanded format of being.

2015 - The Year of The Sheep/Ram/Goat - part II (planetary)

2015 is a year of Peace, Art, Tranquility and Harmonious Co-existence. It is such a nice year – much calmer than the Horse, it moves smoothly and with a lot of comfort (we all want that, right?) It is a kind year, with fleeting interests (easy to get excited over something, but also easy to lose interest), and acceptance of what is. If one remains within Internal Peace, and Calm, there will not be huge emotional issues, stresses, obsessions or mental turmoils in the Year of the Sheep. Instead, the Sheep/Ram/Goat is calm, and takes life as life is.

2015 holds an option for the end of wars, for peaceful solutions, for finding ways to live in harmony with one another. This artistic creative expression has a chance to mend the wrongs, perpetrated by the individuals who do not respect the planet, and life itself. In 2015, the faith that Harmony will prevail over turmoils of lower nature will fuel the healing of emotional wounds in personal lives, and within the country and planetary scales as well.

The emphasis of 2015 is to join forces, to stand firm in the positive, and to resist the destruction and fear which had been so active on the planet in the last year. There will be, in 2015, a greater concern with the problems of social, economic, and political areas. There will be the desire to go back to basics, to redirect the attention into smaller creative communal outlets vs. a separatistic desire to rule (which was so prevalent in the 2014 Year of the Horse).

The Sheep/Ram/Goat brings a calming influence to all warring Nations, and even though it takes more than that to pacify a war-hungry individual, the Sheep does have a very strong communal effect. Without a community, even the most powerful war leader has no army! And an “uninspired army” means “the end of war”… The Sheep/Ram/Goat cannot destroy the desire for violence, the fears, anger and doubts, but it will dampen them, smoothing the rough edges and helping people refocus on the community’s welfare instead of “winning”. Babies born in 2015 will have more internal capacity for peace, and many spiritual emissaries, who are meant (when they grow up) to facilitate Peace on Earth, are waiting to be born in 2015.

2015 - The Year of The Sheep/Ram/Goat - part I (personal)

2015 New Year is the Year of the Green Wooden Sheep/Ram/Goat. 

Even though the calendar New Year begins on January 1st, the energy change from the Horse to the Sheep will occur between February 4th and February 19th (apparently it takes a while to slow down a racing Horse into a slow trot of a Sheep!)

In 2015, for those who trust in goodness, in Harmony and Peace – happiness will flow, success will come, and emotional stability will be established and maintained. It is important not to become engrossed in the emotional and mental situations, but have a perspective and choose to have a positive point of view on everything. The Sheep/Ram/Goat prefers positive happy people, supporting that attitude. The Sheep/Ram/Goat will eat a “good flower” with pleasure, and will eat a “thorny flower” with caution – but it will still eat (no avoidance!) This is the year when one is tempted to avoid looking at reality, preferring the rosy glasses instead. Many relationships might break up, jobs might be left, careers and majors in college changed because of this… The Sheep/Ram/Goat sees what is, no matter how much it wants to see everything in a perfect way. This truth of perception must be honored, and trusted – in 2015 you might notice in your relationships, careers, and friendships what you didn’t want to see before.

2015 is the year of feelings – lots of them – and it is up to you to have the right attitude about them. There will be passion, excitement and creativity, loving relationships and happy gatherings with people. But one might be tempted to ask for love, to fall into the victim mode and demand love – getting pity instead. So watch out for the desire to tell the whole world about how you had been wronged, hurt, how misfortune befell you, etc. – it will only bring “fake love” – pity. There will be a lot of people looking for a shoulder to cry on, so beware of them as well – be kind and openhearted (instead of giving them pity), but self-responsible and do not rescue them, take what you hear with a grain of salt.

The Green Wood Sheep/Ram/Goat rarely wants to think of small minute details of life – preferring to dream big dreams. This means that any big dreams can be realized this year, especially the dreams dreamt by more than one person (by a couple, or by a community). But be careful about self-responsibility – in 2015 you will be tempted to give away your responsibilities to others, and they to you. If you are choosing to do your part, you might have a lot of people running to you with a sad story, telling you why they cannot do something, asking you to do it for them instead. Notice that and, with an open heart, choose NOT to rescue them.

The Year of the Sheep/Ram/Goat is a creative year – thus any professions which are naturally creative will be favored, any job that has creativity component in it will flourish. On the other hand, if your job lacks a creative spark, you will definitely become very much aware of that fact in 2015 – and might want to move onto something better suited to your nature. It is essential to do something inspirational and exciting for yourself (if your job is boring, find a creative hobby!) Pushing ahead in a project using one’s will alone won’t work in the Year of the Sheep/Ram/Goat. 

2015 is about doing what you like and enjoying what you do!

How to Cure Worry?

how to cure worry?
First of all, what is worry? Worry is an emotional “looping” energy, when we over-focus on our desire – to the point that it becomes a demand. There is a difference between preference and demand.

For example, you can prefer to not get sick before your vacation. But if you do, it will not be the end of the world. It will be very unfortunate, very uncomfortable, but still not the end of the world… You can choose to do what you can to make sure you remain healthy for your travels (take vitamins, don’t go into large public areas, don’t visit sick people, etc.) but in the end if this is the cold is what you need to have in order to learn something, you will have that cold. So far, this is still a preference, and so there is no worry. You know what you want and you are proactive about it, but the rest is up to the Universe.

Or, you are afraid that your vacation might be ruined by getting sick prior to it, or on it, and you freak out about that possibility. You place a demand on the Universe that you must not get sick, or else… You have to be healthy for your vacation, nothing else can do. And getting sick means a total disaster, a failure, pain. In this example, the discomfort from not getting what you want has been raised to the level of emotional pain, creating a demand on life. Any time there is a demand, there will be worry as a side-effect!

Discomfort does NOT equal to pain. 

Secondly, worry is a total waste of energy. When one worries, one burns its own energy for fuel, leaving less available for living. This is why when we worry, we are in the state of survival,  not living! Have you noticed how exhausting it is to live in worry?

Of course the simplest worries are easily fixed: if you worry about something that is material and is under your control, then you need to go and deal with it (check that stove, search for that shipment, call that person). So, if you can do something to resolve the worry, do it and as soon as possible. But what about the irrational type of worry, when it seems to be not under our control, not up to us?

What are the #SoulWorkTools to use if you find yourself irrationally worrying?
  1. Tune in and honestly investigate what are you demanding life to be and why?
  2. When you find what is the "worst case scenario" of your fears, tune into that allow yourself to explore it emotionally and mentally (i.e. what would actually happen if...? perhaps you will hurt if that happens; or be very sad for a while; or have to change your job, or a relationship with someone; or maybe you will have to become more independent, or the opposite - learn to receive support from others? etc.)
  3. By facing and dealing with your fears, you just diffused the power charge of these fears - so, look again at the original situation which caused your to worry, but this time with preference instead of demand (as in "I would like to keep this relationship, but if he/she leaves me, I will deal with it - I will cry and process my pain, and I will explore life alone for a while and then perhaps with another person again" or "I prefer to remain healthy and have this medical test show me that I am free of any dis-ease, but if it tells me that I do have a dis-ease, I will deal with it, I might have to be uncomfortable for a while, or have to change my life arrangement, but I will go through this and learn something about myself in the process", etc.)
facing your fears - cat walking in front of 16 dogs!
Look at that brave cat!! He is totally facing his fears here, all 16 of them!

It is our responsibility to use the available energy appropriately. Worry is one of the biggest energy-wasters! When you find yourself stuck in the repetitive worry pattern, it is especially important to look at the causes of it - because these causes are indicators of a particular fear that you are not facing, i.e. that fear has your power - and you want to take the power back by dealing with it. Thus, no more worry.

Metaphysical Topics explained in a Radio Interview - click and listen :)

On the BITE Radio show with wonderful host Robert Sharpe, I provide many #SoulWorkTools and answer variety of metaphysical spiritual questions,  including these:
  • what is the main mission for every Soul on Earth?
  • what are the Spirals of Consciousness and why do we fall asleep and wake up?
  • what is the significance of "building the Self"?
  • where does dis-ease originate and how to "cure" it by resolving its true cause?
  • does "genetic predisposition" for a particular dis-ease relate to karmic lessons as well?
  • how all our experiences are triggers for awakening of consciousness within us;
  • what is the difference between a healthy boundary and a defense/protection?
  • what is the energy pattern of "worry" and how to clear it?
  • why is personal effort a requirement for conscious awakening?
  • what is the difference between positive control with life vs. negative control over life?
  • and much more! 
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How to Release Karmic Hand-Me-Downs

ImageCredit: Bixentro
Metaphysically speaking, karma is an unfinished lesson. It is not something we have to “pay back”, or some horrible thing that others can put over us – it is simply a lesson that we created but were not able to learn during the lifetime – it gets carried over into the next lifetime, becoming karma.

For example, you created a situation where there was an emotional pain, betrayal, but throughout that life you focused on the projection of that pain onto the person who triggered it (who betrayed you) instead of seeing it as your own creation, or forgiving that person, or letting it go. As the time went by, perhaps you went for revenge, or maybe fell apart and never trusted anyone again. Either way, the lesson was set up, but the learning did not happen. Then you died, still wanting revenge, or wallowing in self-pity. The unfinished lesson was reviewed by your Soul on the Other Side of life, and properly integrated into your next incarnation’s Soul Contract. I.e. when you are born in the next lifetime, that pain of betrayal and your reaction to it becomes your karma – something that you need to really look at, deal with, and complete.

When we complete the lesson, we clear our karma – i.e. we transmute it into Wisdom. If, on the other hand, we avoid facing it and processing the pain inside of it, we carry it over into the next life, and so on.

What are the karma hand-me-downs? That is the karma that we take on from other people because of our own issues. People, we have more than enough of our own lessons to deal with – let’s not take on the ones from others!

Here is an example of karma hand-me-downs: mother’s behavior with her children.

Let’s imagine that a woman, let’s call her Anna, did not have the perfect mother… Her mother was self-centered and dramatic, acting in a self-sacrificial way in public to get attention and “look good” socially. The mother had her own emotional pain to deal with, and lessons in individuality and self-love. But she chose to ignore these lessons, following her own karmic pattern instead. She had two daughters, Anna and Melanie. What did she teach her children? Exactly – same karmic pattern!

Imagine that one of these girls, Melanie, grew up just like her mom, dramatic and socially self-sacrificial, while very much selfish. Her mother showered her with attention and dotted on her. Melanie had two children. Because she refused to deal with her own issues, activated by her mother, she ended up fully taking on her mother’s karmic pattern, making it her own. She then projected it onto her children.

The other girl, Anna, grew up with an intuitive feeling that this is not the way. Anna felt that one has the right to be unique individual, and one must be self-responsible, instead of demanding others to take care of one. And so Anna said “Enough of this!” and began to live differently, take responsibility for her actions. But Anna were the “black sheep” of the family, because she did not fit into the family tribe’s way of thinking/feeling/behaving. When Anna had children, she taught them to be responsible and independent adults.

In this example, the original mother had started the karmic hand-me-downs – she refused to work on her lesson, and projected it onto her children. One of the daughters, Melanie, took that karma on, and because of it was subconsciously catered to by her mother. As her life went on, Melanie had refused to deal with her mother’s karma and her own as well, and gave it further down the line to her own kids.

The other daughter, Anna, noticed that something was not harmonious in her mother’s behavior, and learned from it – she refused to take the karma from her mother. Where did that karma go – back to the mother, since it was her mother’s lesson in the first place. Because of this her mother subconsciously rejected her. But because of Anna’s conscious behavior, she was able to become wiser by being in that family, and to teach her own children more wisdom.

What are the signs of karma hand-me-downs?
  • Having a mental agonizing debates with your parents in your mind;
  • Feeling like you do not belong in your family of origin;
  • Feeling pressure from the family to conform, or else risk rejection;
  • Conditional love from parents, or absence of love all together;
  • Emotional manipulation by the parent (through drama, anger, or worry);
  • Your own feelings of guilt that you just cannot be what your parents want you to be;
  • Noticing that your reactions to life mirror these of your parents;
  • Your own embarrassment for the behavior of your parents;
  • Your own rebellious behavior as an exaggerated opposition to your parents’ behavior.

If you notice these signs, you are involved in the karmic hand-me-down pattern. This means, you need to seriously evaluate what is yours and what is not. Look at what you disagree with, rebel against, or get embarrassed about in your parents’ behavior or their view on life. This will help you see which are truly your patterns, and which ones are not. Face these issues and take responsibility for your part of it, but give the rest of it back to your parents.

We give the karma back by taking responsibility for our own pain, and by refusing to be an enabler of the karmic behavior in others.