How to Cure Worry?

how to cure worry?
First of all, what is worry? Worry is an emotional “looping” energy, when we over-focus on our desire – to the point that it becomes a demand. There is a difference between preference and demand.

For example, you can prefer to not get sick before your vacation. But if you do, it will not be the end of the world. It will be very unfortunate, very uncomfortable, but still not the end of the world… You can choose to do what you can to make sure you remain healthy for your travels (take vitamins, don’t go into large public areas, don’t visit sick people, etc.) but in the end if this is the cold is what you need to have in order to learn something, you will have that cold. So far, this is still a preference, and so there is no worry. You know what you want and you are proactive about it, but the rest is up to the Universe.

Or, you are afraid that your vacation might be ruined by getting sick prior to it, or on it, and you freak out about that possibility. You place a demand on the Universe that you must not get sick, or else… You have to be healthy for your vacation, nothing else can do. And getting sick means a total disaster, a failure, pain. In this example, the discomfort from not getting what you want has been raised to the level of emotional pain, creating a demand on life. Any time there is a demand, there will be worry as a side-effect!

Discomfort does NOT equal to pain. 

Secondly, worry is a total waste of energy. When one worries, one burns its own energy for fuel, leaving less available for living. This is why when we worry, we are in the state of survival,  not living! Have you noticed how exhausting it is to live in worry?

Of course the simplest worries are easily fixed: if you worry about something that is material and is under your control, then you need to go and deal with it (check that stove, search for that shipment, call that person). So, if you can do something to resolve the worry, do it and as soon as possible. But what about the irrational type of worry, when it seems to be not under our control, not up to us?

What are the #SoulWorkTools to use if you find yourself irrationally worrying?
  1. Tune in and honestly investigate what are you demanding life to be and why?
  2. When you find what is the "worst case scenario" of your fears, tune into that allow yourself to explore it emotionally and mentally (i.e. what would actually happen if...? perhaps you will hurt if that happens; or be very sad for a while; or have to change your job, or a relationship with someone; or maybe you will have to become more independent, or the opposite - learn to receive support from others? etc.)
  3. By facing and dealing with your fears, you just diffused the power charge of these fears - so, look again at the original situation which caused your to worry, but this time with preference instead of demand (as in "I would like to keep this relationship, but if he/she leaves me, I will deal with it - I will cry and process my pain, and I will explore life alone for a while and then perhaps with another person again" or "I prefer to remain healthy and have this medical test show me that I am free of any dis-ease, but if it tells me that I do have a dis-ease, I will deal with it, I might have to be uncomfortable for a while, or have to change my life arrangement, but I will go through this and learn something about myself in the process", etc.)
facing your fears - cat walking in front of 16 dogs!
Look at that brave cat!! He is totally facing his fears here, all 16 of them!

It is our responsibility to use the available energy appropriately. Worry is one of the biggest energy-wasters! When you find yourself stuck in the repetitive worry pattern, it is especially important to look at the causes of it - because these causes are indicators of a particular fear that you are not facing, i.e. that fear has your power - and you want to take the power back by dealing with it. Thus, no more worry.

Metaphysical Topics explained in a Radio Interview - click and listen :)
On the BITE Radio show with wonderful host Robert Sharpe, I provide many #SoulWorkTools and answer variety of metaphysical spiritual questions,  including these:
  • what is the main mission for every Soul on Earth?
  • what are the Spirals of Consciousness and why do we fall asleep and wake up?
  • what is the significance of "building the Self"?
  • where does dis-ease originate and how to "cure" it by resolving its true cause?
  • does "genetic predisposition" for a particular dis-ease relate to karmic lessons as well?
  • how all our experiences are triggers for awakening of consciousness within us;
  • what is the difference between a healthy boundary and a defense/protection?
  • what is the energy pattern of "worry" and how to clear it?
  • why is personal effort a requirement for conscious awakening?
  • what is the difference between positive control with life vs. negative control over life?
  • and much more! 
Tune in and listen to the link here:

There is much more information about these topics in my book 
available on my site 
and on Amazon (Kindle and Paperback!)

How to Release Karmic Hand-Me-Downs

ImageCredit: Bixentro
Metaphysically speaking, karma is an unfinished lesson. It is not something we have to “pay back”, or some horrible thing that others can put over us – it is simply a lesson that we created but were not able to learn during the lifetime – it gets carried over into the next lifetime, becoming karma.

For example, you created a situation where there was an emotional pain, betrayal, but throughout that life you focused on the projection of that pain onto the person who triggered it (who betrayed you) instead of seeing it as your own creation, or forgiving that person, or letting it go. As the time went by, perhaps you went for revenge, or maybe fell apart and never trusted anyone again. Either way, the lesson was set up, but the learning did not happen. Then you died, still wanting revenge, or wallowing in self-pity. The unfinished lesson was reviewed by your Soul on the Other Side of life, and properly integrated into your next incarnation’s Soul Contract. I.e. when you are born in the next lifetime, that pain of betrayal and your reaction to it becomes your karma – something that you need to really look at, deal with, and complete.

When we complete the lesson, we clear our karma – i.e. we transmute it into Wisdom. If, on the other hand, we avoid facing it and processing the pain inside of it, we carry it over into the next life, and so on.

What are the karma hand-me-downs? That is the karma that we take on from other people because of our own issues. People, we have more than enough of our own lessons to deal with – let’s not take on the ones from others!

Here is an example of karma hand-me-downs: mother’s behavior with her children.

Let’s imagine that a woman, let’s call her Anna, did not have the perfect mother… Her mother was self-centered and dramatic, acting in a self-sacrificial way in public to get attention and “look good” socially. The mother had her own emotional pain to deal with, and lessons in individuality and self-love. But she chose to ignore these lessons, following her own karmic pattern instead. She had two daughters, Anna and Melanie. What did she teach her children? Exactly – same karmic pattern!

Imagine that one of these girls, Melanie, grew up just like her mom, dramatic and socially self-sacrificial, while very much selfish. Her mother showered her with attention and dotted on her. Melanie had two children. Because she refused to deal with her own issues, activated by her mother, she ended up fully taking on her mother’s karmic pattern, making it her own. She then projected it onto her children.

The other girl, Anna, grew up with an intuitive feeling that this is not the way. Anna felt that one has the right to be unique individual, and one must be self-responsible, instead of demanding others to take care of one. And so Anna said “Enough of this!” and began to live differently, take responsibility for her actions. But Anna were the “black sheep” of the family, because she did not fit into the family tribe’s way of thinking/feeling/behaving. When Anna had children, she taught them to be responsible and independent adults.

In this example, the original mother had started the karmic hand-me-downs – she refused to work on her lesson, and projected it onto her children. One of the daughters, Melanie, took that karma on, and because of it was subconsciously catered to by her mother. As her life went on, Melanie had refused to deal with her mother’s karma and her own as well, and gave it further down the line to her own kids.

The other daughter, Anna, noticed that something was not harmonious in her mother’s behavior, and learned from it – she refused to take the karma from her mother. Where did that karma go – back to the mother, since it was her mother’s lesson in the first place. Because of this her mother subconsciously rejected her. But because of Anna’s conscious behavior, she was able to become wiser by being in that family, and to teach her own children more wisdom.

What are the signs of karma hand-me-downs?
  • Having a mental agonizing debates with your parents in your mind;
  • Feeling like you do not belong in your family of origin;
  • Feeling pressure from the family to conform, or else risk rejection;
  • Conditional love from parents, or absence of love all together;
  • Emotional manipulation by the parent (through drama, anger, or worry);
  • Your own feelings of guilt that you just cannot be what your parents want you to be;
  • Noticing that your reactions to life mirror these of your parents;
  • Your own embarrassment for the behavior of your parents;
  • Your own rebellious behavior as an exaggerated opposition to your parents’ behavior.

If you notice these signs, you are involved in the karmic hand-me-down pattern. This means, you need to seriously evaluate what is yours and what is not. Look at what you disagree with, rebel against, or get embarrassed about in your parents’ behavior or their view on life. This will help you see which are truly your patterns, and which ones are not. Face these issues and take responsibility for your part of it, but give the rest of it back to your parents.

We give the karma back by taking responsibility for our own pain, and by refusing to be an enabler of the karmic behavior in others.

Metaphysical Questions in a Radio Interview - click and listen!

Metaphysical Questions in Radio Interview with Eugenia Oganova - click and listen!

On the Coach Cafe radio show, with wonderful hosts Katheen and Estra, I provide many #SoulWorkTools and answer variety of metaphysical spiritual questions,  including these:

·         - why don't we remember our past lives?
·         - why do we incarnate?
·         - what is karma and how self-punishment got connected to it?
·         - what is the Soul-Self and what are the mechanics of Creation?
·         - why is it "never too late" to start your spiritual journey?
·         - what is the "theme of a lifetime" and how to deal with repetitive issues?
·         - how to differentiate between reactions to life vs. true messages of the Spirit?
·         - how to properly deal with fear?
·         - how feelings are different from emotions?
·         - what is a good way of dealing with anger?
·         - can we change negative habits?
·         - human energy field anatomy 101 :)
·         - what happens with the energy bodies when we die?
·         - why some people are ready for conscious awakening and some are not?
·         - how do you know who is ready for awakening and who is not?
·         - how to recognize that you are in judgment?
·         - what is the Solar Council and what it does for the planet Earth and the human beings?
·         - why do we need to know about our energy field or how to change negative habits into positive ones?

And much more! Tune in and listen to the link here:

Metaphysical Questions in Radio Interview with Eugenia Oganova - click and listen!

There is much more information about these topics in my book 
available on my site 
and on Amazon (Kindle and Paperback!)

2014 - the Year of the Horse

2014 - Year of the Horse - black horse running
It is important to set our intentions for the New Year - you can choose the calendar date, the energy date, or both.
The calendar new year is January 1st, 2014, the energy of Year of the Horse will begin to flow on the January 31st, 2014 (shortly after the new Moon), and the energy will get fully activated by the February 4th, 2014. 

This is the year of super-fast speed, free-spirit adventure, unexpected discoveries, social friendliness, lots of human contact, decisive actions, independence, outer and inner travels/explorations, and energetic, intelligent activities. It will be all about great communication with people, your energy guides, the planet, and the Universe.

Every year has an energy type (animal) and an energy element (Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Wood, or Metal) attached to it. The different elemental qualities modify the animal qualities somewhat (for example, 2013 was the year of the Water Snake). 2014 is a Wood Horse, which gives it even more happiness and good fortune! Year's main color is green, and the minor color is blue. You can choose to focus on these colors throughout the year, and add some wood things to your outfits, household, and the car - to anchor yourself in the year of the Wood Horse. The stones which are great for the Year of the Wood Horse are: jade, malachite, green and blue agate, turquoise (for freedom energy), lapis, obsidian and onyx (black Water element supports Wood element in Chinese Feng Shui).
2014 - Year of the Horse - carved jade horse, China
Jade carved Horse - China
Due to the very fast speed, you want to be sure internally before making a decision, otherwise you will be galloping at a neck-breaking speed in a wrong direction! And this means that correcting problems is much harder in 2014, because the energy of that year takes you far into the problem areas before you even realize it, if you are not paying attention! Horse is not diplomatic, it is decision-oriented. So, there is no room for the "I'll wait and see" in 2014. Being impulsive is not a good strategy either, it might leave you lost and broke by the end of 2014 - so make sure you tune into your Higher Self before taking action - just act fast!

It is the year of financial successes, explorations of new opportunities, fast and brave decisions, and overall abundance, but can become unstable if the foundations are shaky. In order to benefit in finances and career, you must manage the details well in 2014, so that nothing can sabotage your quick decision to act. It is a great year for a career change, job change, and asking for promotions - all you got to do is stand tall and know that you are worthy. Tuning into your Higher Self is the only way to know what action is right for you!
There will also be a great temptation to spend your money, so be careful about how much you choose to spend and on what in 2014. The typical overspending areas in the Year of the Horse are entertainment, impatience, and over-helping others. Procrastination is a killer of abundance in a Year of the Horse.
But "financial success" does not mean "peace and profit for everyone". Some world economies will become stronger, while others might collapse in 2014, unable to match the speed of the global market change. Strong black-and-white tendencies will probably generate price fluctuations, wars, stock market ups and downs, and many extremes. Places like Egypt, India, Middle-Eastern countries, will experience a lot of turmoil and change (peace will be restored in 2015 Year of the Sheep, but things will have to get shaken up in the Year of the Horse).

2014 Year of the Horse - black horse standing on hind legs
It is also a great year for starting a new abundance plan - launching a new business, purchasing something profitable, opening a retirement account (even if you do not have much to put into it now, starting it in the year of the Wood Horse is going to set up a great abundance foundation for the future years).

Each year has the "energy code" related to it. For 2014 that code is 732. You can choose to apply these numbers in any combination to your life and ride the Horse well :)

Because the Year of the Horse is very fast flowing, there might be accidents if we do not pay attention to details. So, invest, pay and drive with caution, because the speed of the year will want to push you past your limits, and it is up to you to know your own speed!

Health-wise, the Year of the Horse affects mostly the lungs. As you know, the energy that runs through the lungs is either grief or freedom. Some sadness and depressive energies can also get stuck there, and any time we feel trapped, it is the lungs that become affected. So, process your emotions well, and fast in 2014 - be brave and face them immediately without procrastination - so that they do not negatively affect your lungs. Because the lungs are the "weak link" in 2014, it can result in some viral epidemics. Stay out of the victim mode - it is the victim mentality that allows our immune systems to invite the colds and flu viruses. If you stay in the creator energies, knowing that you are the one who attracts or repels events and conditions of your life, you will be able to ride the Horse without the issues.

Challenges of 2014 are: addiction to fast energy speed (over-electric), having to make decisions fast, money management, tendency to be stubborn, and lung issues.

Gifts of 2014 are: the exhilaration of a fast energy movement, social happiness, good financial fortune, and freedom.

I wish you the best ride on the back of this beautiful 2014 Horse!
2014 Year of the Horse - horse face

Comet ISON and the Lessons of Detachment

Metaphysically speaking, Comet ISON (the "blue star Kachina") had activated the expanded range of consciousness on Earth, when it passed less than a million miles from the Sun. Melting itself by the solar heat, it delivered the message of Unity Consciousness, Compassion and Detachment. From that point on, the Sun began to broadcast the energy of the Unity Consciousness into the entire Solar System, affecting all the planets, including Earth. The StarSeeds, and anyone with an already spiritual view on existence here on Earth, were the most likely recipients of this message. Think of it this way: the "room" for consciousness on Earth just became bigger! Most people's consciousness range is still narrow and materialistic and/or tribal, which is ok, it is the place for learning after all! But the ones of us who worked on developing our consciousness range, on awakening the Soul within, on becoming the Soul-Self: we are the "expanders" of that range.

How do we do it? How do we help human kind awaken? By using our #SoulWorkTools and choosing to stay in the higher vibration, in the harmonious energies, instead of allowing ourselves to be swallowed by the current human messes - fears of social, financial and political nature, consumerism, family and other tribal feuds, powerless-ness and meaningless-ness. We must remain in the expanded spiritual perception of the events, even the most difficult and painful ones, in order to contribute to the spiritual awakening on Earth. We must look for meaning in every situation, for conceptual cause of every emotional reaction.

Knowing that within this planetary simulation everything one encounters is a lesson allows one to remain detached from the illusion of the story.

There was some worry about the Comet ISON - from it "hitting the planet", to it "dying" in the Sun. In reality Comet's job was to be the activator of consciousness range expansion, which meant it had to bring itself to the Sun. Destruction of Earth or returning back into space after visiting the Sun were never parts of its mission. Upon entering the Solar atmosphere most of the Comet melted, releasing its codes of the Cosmic Light into the Sun. A small amount of debris (without the core) survived the passage and continued past the Sun. Then the material component had also deteriorated, but the energy of the Comet will keep going, passing the Earth, and will eventually rest in the Oort Cloud (an asteroid-rich energy-charged outer "envelope" of our Solar System).

Solar System inside a large orb of the Oort Cloud
The lessons of Detachment are, and going to be, showing up in everything - watch for them. That is because in order to arrive at the expanded range of awareness (conscious dreaming, deep spiritual experiences, psychic abilities, inner knowing and intuition etc.) we require detachment from the lower confused energies. Human beings go through the confusion, powerlessness and sometimes suffering, in order to grow out of it. It is a path of initiation. In order for us to create the life we want, to use our intentions consciously, to wield the power of Spirit, we must be in Detachment.

While in Detachment, we do not demand life to conform to our will, we receive life. But it is not a blind submission to it either - personal preference is required in order to navigate and relate with Spirit. Detachment does not mean an absence of desire. It is just that the desire in this case is from the Soul, not from the Ego.

Preference is an exercise of unique identity without a demand.
Demand is an intense desire to control life, based on the will of the Ego, not the Soul.
Detachment is a state of being for a harmonious Soul-Self, where one is free of the lower desires of the Ego (demands) while exercising curiosity of the Higher Self identity (preference).

I am making a special Night Quad for the Comet ISON energy imprint of Detachment on the night of December 25th - the night after Christmas, from the 25th to the 26th. 
If you would like to sign up for that Quad, please go here:

You can read more about creating your life while applying Detachment in my book Awakening the Harmony Within. Here is an excerpt from Intentions and Manifestations chapter: 

"…Detachment is necessary for awakening. It allows us to release unconscious intense emotions, so we stop bringing these unwanted experiences into our lives. When detachment is mastered, intent is under our conscious command, and so is the application of intense desire upon request of our Higher Selves.
Detachment does not mean "no desires," instead it implies the knowing that any desire that is in alignment with the Universe is already fulfilled…"

 "Awakening the Harmony Within: How to Create with Spirit", 
available on my site
and on Amazon (Kindle and Paperback)

Why Sacredness is a Requirement for the Unity Consciousness

Metaphysical - Sacredness is a Requirement for the Unity Consciousness
ImageCredit: Pavel Conka
The Unity Consciousness requires the perception of Sacredness. Everything can be sacred if we have the proper spiritual metaphysical view on life.

Our Sun is broadcasting the energy of sacredness of all life - to us and the entire Solar System - since the Comet ISON delivered its message on 11/28/13. The Comet's mission was to activate the StarSeeds on Earth which will amplify the overall energy range on the planet - allowing human beings to expand their consciousness. The necessary components for that Unity Consciousness are Compassion and Detachment (you can read more details about this in my other blog here: )

The imprint currently needed the most on our planet is sacredness. Why? Because without Sacredness there is no Honor, and without Honor there is no Self-Discipline and Self-Mastery, and without these there cannot be Self-Responsibility; without Self-Responsibility there cannot be Self-Respect, and without that - how can we Respect Life? Unity Conscious is based on the Respect for all Life - biological and chemical, material and non-material, visible and invisible, external and internal.

Sacredness is usually defined as "connected with God, deserving veneration", but unfortunately in this definition "god" = religious emblem, and "veneration" = worship. That is because the concept of sacredness became lost as the human kind went through the Dark Ages of unconsciousness, remaining only as a dim echo of its true meaning…

So what is the True Sacredness?

It can be explained as "connected with God, deserving veneration", but in this sentence the concept of "god" is an expanded one (as in "Spirit of all life"), and the "veneration" is not seen as worshiping, but as reverence and respect.

Glass Sculpture by Dale Chihuly
Metaphysically speaking, Sacredness is a perception of anything through the eyes of the Soul. It is not the object that becomes sacred, but the personal perceptional experience of that object. In other words, meditation each day can be sacred because it resonates you with the Great Silence; but also a stressful situation at work can be sacred if it is seen as a transformative personal experience in being able to remain calm; stone or an object brought home from an amazing journey can be sacred because of the connection with Spirit that it reminds you of; but scrubbing the mildew in the shower or throwing out garbage also can become sacred events if they are seen as a means to cleanse your life, to let go of the extra weight and attachments.

As we progress on the path of awakening into the Unity Consciousness, we must find within us that place of True Sacredness and choose to use our #SoulWorkTools to perceive Life through the lens of Sacredness. Not only the things/events that we like, or that we label "spiritual", but all of life's experiences. That way bit by bit you transform yourself from the ego-centered into the Soul-Self: the Higher Self centered identity, living in the Unity Consciousness.

There is also an interesting FranHeal blog about the Comet and the Unity Consciousness by Fran Zepera here:

The Victim Trap and How to Get Out

The Victim Trap and How to Get Out
This is an excerpt from Mission Alpha with some #SoulWorkTools for you:

"Victim programming does not just exist in the chakras, it anchors there and affects entire energy levels. For example, third chakra victim energy might color the whole astral level with expectation of failure; root victim energy can make the entire conceptual level overly rigid. To simplify, we can place all the levels in two main categories: fluid (unconditional, astral, emotional) and structural (conceptual, truth, mental, etheric).

There are imbalances in the fluid levels because too much energy is taken in, and in the structural levels because too much energy is being pushed out. These imbalances are represented in our internal landscape, affecting perceptions and behavior. Looking at the diagram below, notice which category you tend to fall into, it might be different depending on the issues (for example challenges of single parenting might send you into fluid imbalances, while dating into structural ones).




Do it for me

Do it my way
Feeling the negative pleasure of being wounded

Feeling the negative pleasure of wounding another
Emotionally frozen

Hyper vigilant

Being overly affected by the outside world and over-worrying about your actions towards it (over-identification with others/world)

Being unaware of how the outside world affects you and not noticing how your actions affect others (not connecting to others/isolation from the world)

When we experience an imbalanced perception/behavior, either structural or fluid, it is because somehow this acting out serves our inner Victim. Of course it is a negative service, because it helps the Victim to stay in power. Our positive desires are able to manifest only in the state of empowerment, so if you want to create something great (balanced relationship, fulfilling job, physical health), the Victim has got to go. Making the negative servicing of your Victim conscious is another tool for disarming it. This also diffuses the negative charge on realizing your desire. You can use a particular procedure to help you with this. Here is one of the ways:

Drop into your body and let your awareness guide you to the origination point of the imbalance you are experiencing or choose to work with. This origin point may be anywhere in your physical body or energy system. Once you have identified this location, the goal is to find the reason that this imbalance serves the Victim. Using patience and perseverance expand into the origin area and discover why this form of powerlessness exists in you. The resultant understanding is the healing.

The energy imbalances create physical symptoms. Yes, our own victimhood creates physical conditions that seem to perpetuate feelings of a victim type. Since everything is one organism, the physical symptom is an anchoring point for the victim energy in the physical level of the energy system. To heal the physical condition we need to stop supporting it by our energy programming. Remember, nothing can exist physically unless it is energetically supported. Put your hand on your body in the place that represents the physical symptom of the imbalance. Connect to the pain and move into a state of gratitude for the lesson that the body is giving you. Gratitude is the gateway for reversing the process that brought the imbalance into form in the first place.

To eradicate victim programming we need to use conceptual understanding in tandem with experiential states. Nonattachment, internal safety, excitement, curiosity and willingness are the essential attributes for the demise of victim consciousness. Non-attachment represents the conceptual understanding that all this ‘reality’ is an illusion and experience instead nonjudgment (no right or wrong). Internal safety is the concept of self-reliance and the experience of Soul related peace. Excitement is a conceptual acceleration and experiential joy. Curiosity conceptually is open-endedness and a desire to experience. Willingness is the concept of participation and experience of courageous anticipation. 

Applying these principles helps you to face victim obstacles with compassion. As you use all these tools we were reviewing here, remember to not allow yourself to care about what others will think of your choices and actions, because the Victim is often supported by social patterns. To get out of your victim mode you have to be an independent Self!.."

There much more information about this in my book 
available on my site 
and on Amazon (Kindle and Paperback!)

And here is a new review for Mission Alpha:

Literally an encyclopedia of metaphysics! 5 stars!

"Since the early 1990s I've been drawn to read books related to the subjects of spirituality, personal growth, and metaphysics, and in fact most of the books I've reviewed on Amazon are in those categories. With that background in mind, of the numerous titles I've read in these genres I feel compelled to say that Mission Alpha is perhaps the most valuable work I have ever read in the metaphysical category. It is chock-full of insightful information covering a wide variety of topics, making it a literal encyclopedia of metaphysics. The book also provided prospective answers to many deep questions for which I have sought answers over a period of 20 years. And, in all sincerity, so many of the "answers" Eugenia Oganova provides just make great intuitive sense to me.

Moreover, the author doesn't stop at discussing metaphysical information; she also covers health/healing-related subjects in great detail providing many practical suggestions in that area. Based on the fact that my copy of Mission Alpha has more dog-eared pages than ones without them, I can say without reservation that I highly recommend this book for anyone with a serious interest and experience in reading metaphysical subject matter. Bravo Ms. Oganova! Thanks for sharing your extensive knowledge and experience in this area." - Jeff Maziarek, author of Codi's Journey

Comet ISON and the Unity Consciousness

Comet ISON going around Earth - Unity Consciousness
Comet ISON. ImageCredit: Johan Swanepoel -Shutterstock
Comet ISON has long passed our Solar System doorstep. You can see it in the sky, and now it is coming closer to the Sun. On November 28th it will fly just few thousands of miles from the surface of the Sun, essentially through the Sun's atmosphere! This is definitely an existential challenge for an icy comet, so we will all hold it in our hearts :)

Metaphysically speaking, comets are the Light bringers. Our Comet ISON comes right on schedule:
·  in December 2012 Gaia (the host of Earth) pulls out to the second position, ending the mothering of humans;
·  in March 2013 Pi fully enters the planet (becomes the new host of Earth) and activates the energies of self-responsibility, pleasure, and dynamic aliveness for humans;
·   in November 2013 the Blue Star comes (our Comet ISON) to activate the awakening of humans to Spiritual Adulthood.

Comet ISON is the Blue Star that was awaited by the Hopi (they called it Kachina) and Maya elders for millenia, and it is said to be the "bringer of the extraterrestial life", the completor of spiritual childhood of human race. Now, since we know that it is not going to crush into the Earth, it sounds like the prophesies are wrong? No, they are not. It is just that the "extraterrestial life" has nothing to do with the typical Hollywood-type aliens, it has to do with the activation of the StarSeed consciousness on Earth, so that our Solar System can be welcomed into the Galactic Family. That Galactic Family is the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light, the enlightened beings who work with the Solar Council and the planetary and Solar elders (which we call "ascended masters" - humans who went through the process of enlightenment).

The brightness of the Comet ISON is linked to the consciousness development on Earth. The Solar Council of enlightened beings who oversee the development of the Solar System was expecting a much more impressive show than what we are getting. The reason for it is us - humans. When Pi arrived into the planet, we were all "energetically instructed" to take responsibility for our actions, to "grow up" into spiritual adults. This is so no matter if human beings want it or not. It was assumed that there would be more conscious people on Earth by then, or at least more aspiring to be conscious. Instead, majority of human kind is still needing time to grow. That is OK, but this also means that the process of changing into adulthood will take more time. This is why comet ISON had to be "toned down" by changing its path a little bit. As it goes through the Sun's atmosphere, one of the three things can happen: it can burn up completely, or it can break into pieces (then it will be brighter than ever), or it can survive, but become diminished (and travel through the Solar System with a visible bright tail).

Comet ISON represents the energy of Detached Compassion and Individualized Oneness.

Comet ISON and Unity Consciousness
Comet ISON
ImageCredit: Waldemar Skorupa on
From the time of Atlantis there were two major mystery schools on Earth: of the Red Dragon and of the Yellow Dragon. The Red Dragon represents the schools of metaphysical knowledge, Light, individuality and Self building. The Yellow Dragon represents the schools of devotion, Love, connectedness and selflessness. Human beings always had the choice of these two schools of metaphysical spiritual knowledge.

But in truth there is a third school. It was hidden over a very long period of time because it relates to the StarSeeds, to the enlightened beings who support the Earth but are not of the earth. This is the mystery school of Unity consciousness, where individuality of the Self (knowledge and Light) come together with the connectedness of the Whole (oneness and Love). This is the true Individualized Oneness, where we see ourselves as fractals of the universal hologram. Hologram is a condition upon which the information for creating the whole system is stored in each of its parts. Hologram is a pattern that is whole and complete all to itself. Our planet, the genetic code in our bodies, our Universe - all are holographic in nature. So this third hidden mystery school of Individualized Oneness, or the Unity Consciousness (also sometimes called the Christ Consciousness, unrelated to the church) is what the Comet ISON is here to activate.

There had always been people who carry this Individualized Oneness as a fractal of the universal hologram. Are you one of them? If from the very beginning of your life you KNEW that everything is connected and that understanding that connectedness leads to enlightenment, than you are. We are the children of the stars, the StarSeeds who came to incarnate on Earth to activate this unifying factor for the learning process on this planet. As animals we are all connected to the planet - animals comprehend Nature instinctively. When we explore the Mind, we separate from Nature and build the Self. That is often a very painful difficult process. This Self-building is an absolute requirement for awakening. But without the experience/knowledge of connectedness this Self can become separated and hurt, or arrogant and selfish. So, it must be balanced with the connectedness. At the same time, merging with Oneness without the conscious understanding of reality, without the Self, is like going backwards into the animal state. The Oneness must be paired with the Self in order for us to fully step into Spiritual Adulthood! And this is where the Comet ISON comes in. It is a messenger and an activator of the Compassionate Detachment and the Unity Consciousness.

This does not mean that suddenly all the people of Earth will become conscious (would be nice, but ain't gonna happen). Instead, Comet ISON is meant to activate the individual souls who are the carriers of this Unity consciousness on Earth, who are to step into that state more and more. This is what is means to become a Soul-Self, the unified individuality and wholeness, the Individualized Oneness, the Light and Love together. This is how we help the rest of the human beings wake up.

For most people the Comet ISON will probably come unnoticed (no Hollywood "end of the world" scenarios associated with it, i.e. most humans might find it just boring). Yet it is an activation key for the StarSeeds who are here to help humanity awaken into the Spiritual Adulthood. What does that mean for the StarSeeds? First of all, it means that we will experience an immense support for Detachment. Compassion is not possible without detachment, otherwise it is just sympathy. And as we well know, sympathy, although highly supported by the human race, is also very much detrimental to human awakening. Why? Because when we sympathize, we simply SHARE the state someone is already in, i.e. we mimic it with our own energy, we double it! I.e. we AMPLIFY MISERY. Compassion is an ability to HOLD someone in their pain but within the format of their lesson, with unconditional love. If we are attached and involved, it is not unconditional, is it? So, compassion in a true sense requires detachment. And so, this is what we are going to get activated in our systems - support for detachment and unconditional love.

For majority of humans ISON will activate their path as well - wherever we need to have some work done: on the side of the oneness or of the side of the Self. People who are loving but do not really have a potent Self will have to work on that; people who are overly selfish and separate will have to come in terms with lessons of connectedness.

Aren't you looking forward to that influence? Go, Comet ISON!!